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As an award winning winery and wine-maker I invite you to taste my passion that burns deep like a fire across the expansive universe of your palate ...


Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Competition

Silver Springs Winery Dry Riesling Gold 2012

Gold GOLD 2012 Dry Riesling, Vintners Reserve, Straw-Matted


Pacific Rim International WIne Competition

Silver Springs Winery  2012 Gold Medal Winner Semi Dry Vintners Select Gold Stripe  RS 2.75




Gold GOLD 2012 Riesling

I invite all of you top come try our world class wines.  Pledging to deliver to you the very best that I can produce in each bottle of wine. 100% Natural non manipulated wines that are honest and expressive of the vintage year.

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Our hours of operation are 10 am to 6:pm

Monday thru Saturday and on Sunday 10 am to 6:pm

 November 1st we close at 5 PM   .... 2014

extended hours if you call and in the fall...


Silver Springs Winery L.L.C., Burdett

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Friend's review
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 4, 2012

Silver Springs delivers! By this I mean that you cannot go wrong at this winery. It indulges all palates. All of our friends enjoy Silver Springs because there is a wonderful mix of dry, semi, and sweet wines. The winemaker is knowledgeable and can answer any questions concerning his wines that you may have. He will guide you through the... More

Senior Reviewer
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5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 2, 2013

My husband has major headache problems. We visited here in Aug, had a lovely time with the owner and took his advise to buy several bottles. We have since enjoyed headache free. We learned alot and will order on line to replenish our stock! I highly recommend a visit

Webster, New York
1 review
5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 12, 2013

My girlfriends and i visited Silver Springs Winery about a week ago...first let me state by saying the REDS are some of the best I've ever tasted. The wine maker was enthusiastic and educated about his wines. We tasted many different wines, and shared many laughs with him. We left there much more knowledgeable about wine and wine making than... More


Corning, New York
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5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 3, 2013

My wife I and were staying in the Seneca lake region for the week and touring many of the wineries on Seneca. We saw Silver Springs Winery, opened the door and was greeted with "Welcome to Silver Springs Winery" by the owner, John, who was very knowledgeable, professional, and seemed very passionate about wine. We received a very generous flight... More

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5 of 5 stars Reviewed April 24, 2013

Frankly, this was the only wine we rated as anything better than okay in the Finger Lakes area. The owner was more knowledgeable about his wines and wine in general than any of the other wineries we visited. He makes some great wines. We went back the next day intending to buy a lot more but he was closed.

Silver Springs Winery L.L.C. A Very Tasteful Experience
: John D. Zuccarino The Winemaker : One Of Many Stories


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Our first stop was Silver Springs Winery LLC, a place we had never visited before. There were no other customers there on a Thursday in April and we found the owner practicing his guitar playing behind the tasting bar. John Zuccarino told us that his winery had been there for about 10 years. He grows his own grapes down the hill toward the lake and also out of the north fork of Long Island (he is originally from New Jersey).

The lower quarter of the east (west-facing) side of Seneca Lake is known locally as ‘the banana belt.’ It gets linger afternoon sun and its steep slopes are well drained. A few acres here and there along the banana belt are warm enough to sustain syrah, merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes, which is rare in the Finger Lakes, where the predominant red varietal is cabernet franc.

Zuccarino’s wines are called ‘Don Giovanni Wines.’ Most wineries name their wines after the winery, but at least one other winery in the Finger Lakes has a different name on the label than it has on the sign out front (King Ferry Winery makes Tréleaven Wines). Zuccarino has several merlots available for tasting, including a 2002 merlot, which was so nicely aged that it tasted like a French bordeaux, a 2003 merlot that we ended up buying a bottle of, and a “bold merlot,” which had spent more time in the oak cask than the other merlots.

It was unusual to find a 2002 bottle for sale in 2009 at a Finger Lakes winery. Most places sell much younger wine. Zuccarino seems to put aside bottles to see how they age. Dr. Frank’s winery over on Keuka Lake also presents older wine at the tasting bar. His chardonnay was unusual in that it was a ‘French style’ bottle, having been made entirely in steel and never stored in oak. This is done elsewhere in the region, but usually a winery will also make a barrel aged bottle.

Zuccarino approaches wine making with a biochemistry perspective and gave detailed (but rapid) descriptions of how he had blended different grapes to get just the flavor and color that he wanted in his wines. He refers to his wines informally as ‘organic.’ The claim is not on the bottle or in any of his literature, so he is probably referring to the fact that he does put sulfites or any additive (dyes, fruit flavors etc.) into his wine. The lack of sulfites is particularly noteworthy, as many people are allergic to them.

We left some rack cards at Silver Spring, bought some of their wine and took along some of their brochures and headed north..


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Vineyard dating back to 1839

Oxford Companion to Wine

sustainable viticulture

a form of viticultural practice which aims to avoid any form of environmental degradation while maintaining the economic viability of the vineyard. It is defined by the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program at the University of California at Davis as 'the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs'.

In reality, the term is applied quite liberally and almost invariably falls short of environmentalist ideals of being completely self-sustaining.
Wine & Dine
Rob Lane

John and Sari Zuccarino, owners of Silver
Springs Winery located on the east side of
Seneca Lake, want you to leave their winery
knowing a lot more about wine than when
you came in. “Education is important,” says
John, “because customers need to understand the
differences in grapes and styles of winemaking.”
Silver Springs Winery is one of the few Finger
Lakes wineries where you will actually meet
and be served by the owners on a daily basis.
“It’s important for us as the owners to relate to
customers on a personal basis,” continues John.
“It allows us to hear directly what the customers’
needs are.” John has even created a series of online
educational videos about wine. (
The Zuccarinos are passionate about presenting a
first-class tasting experience, evidenced in their
ritual of rinsing tasting glasses with the next wine
to be poured to make sure that no remnants of
the previous wine remain in the customer’s glass
to cloud his or her tasting.
Silver Springs Winery opened in 2004, and
John gives credit to his Italian heritage and a long
line of winemakers for his decision to get into
the winemaking business. When he was just ten
years old, he was helping his grandfather make
wine. His roots trace back through hundreds of
years of family winemaking in Italy. In the United
States, his great-grandfather operated a winery in
New Jersey before prohibition, and John says that
members of the Zuccarino family are involved in
the wine industry all around the world, including
Australia, Argentina, and Canada.
John takes a minimalist approach to
winemaking. He feels that the yeast selected for
fermentation is one of the most important parts of
winemaking. John uses his own proprietary yeast
cultures that he keeps in a locked vault. All of this
attention to detail pays off in the final product.
Highlights of Silver Spring’s wine lineup include
the 2002 Merlot ($19.95) with deep blackberry
tones; the 2007 White Merlot ($14.80), an
excellent blush wine with vivid strawberry notes;
a unique semi-sweet 2008 White Cabernet
Sauvignon ($14.80) with watermelon, berry, and
kiwi highlights; a 2007 Pinot Grigio with layers
of apple, pear, and tropical fruit; and a heavenly
2004 Gewurztraminer Ice Wine ($42.00)
bursting with complex honeyed citrus flavors.
“Knowing that we are leaving a legacy makes
it worth all of the work,” says John of his passion
about details relating to winemaking and the
customer experience. “We know that we have
a responsibility to future generations as curators
of this land. One hundred years from now, I
want what Sari and I have started here to still
be continuing.”
Silver Springs Winery is located at 4408
State Route 414, Burdett, NY. www.
Food & Drink
Rob Lane writes a Finger Lakes wine blog, www. Contact
him at

Seneca Lake Appellation Information
Silver Springs Winery L.L.C. located at 4408 State Rt. 414, Burdett, NY 14818 opened for business in June 2004. The Winery is located on the East side of Seneca Lake five miles north of Watkins Glen on Rt. 414 and sits on 100 acres. The proprietors are Sari and John Zuccarino and the web site is and

Silver Springs is a small winery with a rich family history. The Zuccarino surname originates from Udine, a community in northeastern Italy, found above Venice in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The family ascended to the ranks of Nobility in 1320 C.E., when thereafter several Count Zuccarino’s emerged, helping to shape Italy. The legendary family passion for fine wine and vineyards has been passed down from generation to generation. The tradition continues–our vineyard on Seneca Lake, NY naturally has a climate similar to that of the Italian vineyards. And so, we proudly bring you over 700 years of family passion, as the legend continues.

The winery also has an art gallery featuring many local artists. By bringing art and wine together we are creating a cultural experience to our winery and community. This will help area artists by making them more accessible to the general public. Our hours of operation are 10 am to 6:pm until you change the clocks in the fall (November)then we are open until 5: pm until. Monday thru Saturday and on Sunday 10 pm to 6:pm except for daylight savings time when you fall back and lose the hour.  In the fall Nov - March then open until 5: pm until end of March and then open until 6:pm all summer.

Seneca Lake View- Picnic at our Willow Pond
Please use the link below to take you to the Seneca Lake Wine Trail guide. I want you to understand that over Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand Visitors a year go by our Lake. Again that number of Visitors is 2.7 million. In 5 years we can expect to see 5 million Visitors per year. Again, 5 Million in 5 years!!!!

Link click below.

Silver Springs Winery L.L.C.
4408 State Rt. 414
Burdett, NY 14818
Fax 607-273-7979
5 miles north of Watkins Glen
on the right on Rt. 414

Cheers !!!

We have returned from our lovely visit to Watkins Glen and are now
enjoying the wines we bought..Yours, by far, is our favorite!! It
might take some time to get through all the bottles we bought off of
you, but wanted you to know not to forget us, because we will be
wanting to purchase more. Thank you again,,,we really enjoyed talking
with you.
Stephani A. Mohn

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