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Wine 101 TV Wine is millions of years old ::Zuccarino Report ... Click On me

Show 154 Zuccarino, Silver Springs Winery, Wine 101 Tv, Riesling, FLX, Seneca Lake Wine Trail, Official Update Click On Me

Show 153...Zuccarino , Silver Springs Winery , Wine 101 TV Show 153 Vintage 2012 Outlook Click On Me

::Zuccarino , Silver Springs Winery , Wine 101 TV Show 152 Farming For Flavours Click On me

::Zuccarino , Silver Springs Winery , Wine 101 TV Show 151 cork or Screw

Minerality in Wine ::Zuccarino , Silver Springs Winery , Wine 101 TV Show 150

Finger Lakes Limo Wine Tours Zuccarino , Silver Springs Winery , Wine 101 TV show 149

FingerLakes1.com our new TV show Riesling Month ::: Click On Me FLX Grape Pod Show

Zuccarino , Silver Springs Winery , Wine 101 TV show 148 Click On Me

Finger Lakes Winter Vineyard Report 2012 

Zuccarino , Silver Springs Winery , Wine 101 TV show 145 Click On Me 

Zuccarino , Silver Springs Winery , Wine 101 TV show 146 Click On Me

Zuccarino , Silver Springs Winery , Wine 101 TV show 147


www Wine 101 TV Zuccarino::: Vintage 2011 Click On Me The Show # 143

www Wine 101 TV Zuccarino::: Wine Tannins...  Click On Me The Show # 142...

www Wine 101 TV Zuccarino::: Unctuous... and a tribute to my Grandmother Click On Me The Show # 141...

WWW.WINE101.TV Show 140 Click On Me
Greyhounds CHARITY EVENT @ Silver Springs Winery 414 st. rt. Burdett NY

link from  Ithaca Journal Hot Off The Press
Click on Me

Zuccarino :Follow Me on Twitter Click On Me... I was the first winemaker to use twitter in NYS...!!

Gloriana - "Wild At Heart" - Official Music Video  Click On Me


Zuccarino AKA Don Giovanni  with

Gloriana @ www Silver Springs Winery L.L.C. 

SLTV Ck Them Out Show 128 





'Catch a Ride'

Shae Fiol

Click On Me To Listen    this is fresh ...ck it out...!!!

A Don Giovanni Wines tm. Recommendation again !!!!


Zuccarino:: Zuccarino report...www.Wine101.TV:: SHOW 137 :::Tannins All You Need To Know

Zuccarino report...www.Wine101.TV Click On Me...Tannins All You Need To Know

ZUCCARINO , www.Wine101.TV Show # 136...Click On Me... Frut wines what is a stone wine and a berry wine ???

Visit the Finger Lakes! Wine 101 TV Show # 135 Click On Me

WINE101 TV SLTV Show # 134 ...10 Big Dry Reds The Best Ever...& New Sweet Wines...

WINE101 TV SLTV Show # 133 Residual Sugar defined Wine-tasting

WINE 101 TV Show # 132 DYLAN Update: Fruit Wine Coming In The Spring::: Zuccarino

WWW WINE 101 TV # Show 131, SLTV, #flx, #flxwine, #flxstay, #flxfood, #flxfun, half bottles and how to use them.

www Wine 101 TV Show 130, SLTV,Happy Holidays , Cheers !!! Click On !!!

www Wine 101 TV Show 129, SLTV, Some Wine Bottle History Specifically The Punt

www Wine  101 TV  with Gloriana SLTV Ck Them Out Show 128 

www Wine 101 Show SLTV #127 Nobel Peace Prize Congratulations Mr. President Obama We Share You Joy

www WINE 101 TV SHOW 126
, Fermentation RS or Residual Sugar !!! SLTV

www WINE 101 TV SHOW 125
,Fermentation Yeast Meet Brettanomyces or Brett !!! SLTV


www WINE 101 TV SHOW 124 How To Cellar Wines... Watch as world-famous wine expert and Decanter consultant editor Steven Spurrier provides a step-by-step guide on how to store wine, in our brand new easy-to-follow video tutorial.


www Zuccarino   , SilverSprings Winery, SLTV ,Wine 101 TV  Show #123

Zuccarino www wine 101 TV 2009 Harvest reports + more, SLTV

www Zuccarino , SilverSprings Winery, SLTV ,Wine 101 TV  Show #122, HARVEST MOON 2009, VINTAGE  09'

Zuccarino:::www Wine 101 TV
Show # 121 The ZEN Of The Pour, Rinse With Wine !!!

www Zuccarino , SilverSprings Winery, SLTV ,Wine 101 TV
#120 harvest update 8 18 2009 it's looking good !!!

Wine 101 Harvest
 Show # 119 Pointers, Home Winemaking It's Your Turn !!!, Zuccarino, Silver Springs,Pointers, Home Winemaking It's Your Turn !!!, Zuccarino, Silver Springs,

www Wine 101 TV Show
118, Adopt A Greyhound and Unconditional Love, Finger Lakes, SLTV

Wine 101 TV Show 117 "Let The SUN Shine" Finger Lakes , SLTV

Wine 101 TV Show 116 Riesling and Chardonnay R Half Sisters

Wine 101 TV Show
115 What's the Difference In The Grape Pinot Grigio and the OTHER Pinot VARIETIES

Wine 101 TV Show
114 The Grape-Hound Wine Tour, www Grapehounds com

Wine 101 TV Show
111 Carbon Footprint , SLTV, Green Winemaking,

www Wine 101 TV
Show 110 Wine Book Review : Reflections Of A Wine Merchant, BY Neal I. Rosenthal

www Wine 101 TV
Show 109 : Angular Wines Redefined : , SLTV

www Wine 101 TV
Show 108: Bottle Variation What Is It, SLTV

www Wine 101 TV
 Show 107, The Official Finger Lake Free Map & The Map War Part 2

www Wine 101 Show # 106
 TV Finger Lakes, Seneca Lake Wine Trail Music, Welcome Video, East Side Wine :::and yes I will keep my day job as winemaker...;)

www Wine 101 TV ,Show # 105:
FL, NYS, TN Paumanok Chenin Blanc 2007', Seneca lake TV, SLTV

www Wine 101 TV ,Show # 104: FL, NYS, 'The Federal Trade Commission, Seneca lake TV, SLTV

www  Wine 101 . TV ,Show # 103: Finger Lakes, NYS, 'The Cycle Of Flavors', Update, Nascar, Indy:

www Wine 101 TV ,Show # 102: Finger Lakes, NYS, Bad Blogging, Update, Nascar: Seneca lake TV,

www  Wine 101 . TV ,Show # 101: Finger Lakes, NYS, 2007 Red Vintage, Update, Nascar: Seneca lake TV, SLTV

www Wine 101 . TV ,
Show # 100: Finger Lakes Dodge A Killer Freeze, Update, Nascar: Seneca lake TV, SLTV

Wine 101 TV Show # 99 Nascar We Love You! Seneca Lake Wine Trail Map Fight: Why SLWT Map Is Wrong One !

www Wine 101 TV ,
Show # 98 May, It's Time For Choices , Wine Passports Don't Work because the Omit the Truth...Seneca lake TV, SLTV

www. Wine 101 . TV ,Show # 97 Vintage 07' , Wine Facts, Vintage SPRING 2009 BUD BREAK, DR FRANK

www Wine 101 TV
Show # 96 Vintage 07' NYS, Wine Facts, Seneca Gold, 07' Music To My Ears

www Wine 101 TV
Show # 95 Bottle Shock, Get Over It, It's Real !!!

www Wine 101 TV
Show # 94 Dego Red, The Original Fruit Bomb, Born In The USA...Finger Lakes Seneca Lake Trail Wine TV

www Wine 101 TV
Show # 93 Thermal Amplitude What IS IT ??? Mendoza, Finger Lakes Seneca Lake Trail Wine TV

www Wine 101 TV
Show # 92
Transparency, Terroir , Macro Climate , Micro Climate, Meso Climate, Blending Your Vineyards, Vineyard Select Wines... Seneca Lake Wineries Blog TV

www Wine 101 TV
Show # 91 Blush Wines, How To Taste, Wine At Room Temperature

www Wine 101
.TV Show 90 ::Sweet RED & 7 Wonders of 7 Blended Grapes + White Cab. Sauv

www. Wine 101 .TV Click On This Link...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RbwKB5sP-A::: Show 89 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting & Running a Winery

www. Wine 101,
Show # 88 TV Seneca Lake Wine Trail Should Wine Be Sold In Grocery Stores

www. Wine 101...TV...
Show # 87 Seneca Wine Trail TV... Romancing The Cork: History...

www. Wine 101...TV...
Show # 86 Seneca Wine Trail TV... What Some Winemakers Do In January - February

www. Wine 101,
Show # 83
 TV Seneca Lake TV Rethinking The Color Of Pinot Noir

www. Wine 101, Show # 82 TV Seneca Lake TV Tax Excise tax and the cost Buy American

www . Wine 101.TV
Show # 81 Wine Can Be Aromatherapy

www . Wine 101.TV Show # 80 Is White Wine as Healthy as Red Wine

www . Wine 101.TV
Show # 79 What To Cleanse Your Palate With...???

www . Wine 101.TV Show # 78 How long does wine stay fresh once opened...?...

www . Wine101.TV Show # 77 Story Of The Magic Glass and Peace

www . Wine101.TV Show # 76 The Wine Line Poster Series History Of Wine

www . Wine101.TV Show # 75
Holiday Wines, responsible fun, relaxing over wine selections, communication

www . Wine101.TV
Show # 74 Riesling Shoot-Out ...We Broke the 90 Point Glass Ceiling

www . Wine101.TV Show # 73 Riesling Shoot-Out Nov 8 th at Glenora...Breaking the 90 Point Glass Ceiling Biased System

www . Wine101.TV Show # 72 Taken' Care Of Business, Harvest Update, Riesling Shoot-Out

www . Wine101.TV Show # 71Hey Clapton and the Winemaker Rock'en

www . Wine101.TV
Show # 70 Wine In Tune, Harmony, Zen Tasting, So Tune In

www . Wine101.TV Show # 69 Wine Manipulation Rant...Finger Lakes Vintage Update 2008

www . Wine101.TV
Show # 68 The Three Sip Rule::Tannin Saliva Equilibrium...

www . Wine101. TV Show # 67 Mulch and Finger Lakes Vintage 2008 A Very Hard one

www . Wine101.TV Show # 66 The Jap Beetle Invasion Finger Lakes NYS

www . Wine101.TV
Show # 65 Winery and sales buzz words...don't be a fool...

Show # 64 click below...

www . Wine101.TV
Show # 63 Old Vine Zin's Vines Are Being Destroyed...

www . Wine101.TV Show # 62 Why 3 Sips...Because Tannins don't have an Aroma...

www . Wine101.TV Show # 61 Sensory Evaluation Of Wine

www . Wine101.TV Show # 60 Riesling "Shoot-Out" The Finger Lakes Challenges The World...

www. Wine101.TV Show # 59 Finger lake Vintage 2008 Update...plus a rant on points

www . Wine101.TV Show # 58 Charity Seneca Lake Most Expensive Bottle

www .Wine101.TV Show # 57 The Billionaire's Vinegar a must read book on wine

www .Wine101.TVShow # 56 Sideways Santa Barbara Part C The End

Show # 55 Sideways Santa Barbara Part B

www.wine101.tv Show # 54 Sideways Santa Barbara Part A

Show # 53 Wine Tempurtutes, Storage, Where Has My Wine Been, "THE SMART BOTTLE"

www .Wine101.TVShow # 52 AVA The Region The Banana Belt Seneca Lake Finger Lakes

www.Wine101.TV Show # 51 The Cork Does Breath I Have The Study

www.Wine101.TV Show # 50 Pinot Grigio 2007' Italy In America

www.Wine101.TV Show # 49 GLENORA Wine Cellars Syrah 2005

www.Wine101.TV Show # 48 I's A Kind Of A Blush Early Release White Merlot 2007 It's Back...

www.Wine101.TV Show # 47 Wine101.TV Show # 47 Wolf Blass Gold Label Shiraz 2004

www.Wine101.TV Show # 46 Merlot Is Selling Like Wild...Pinot Noir Look Out..!!!!

www.Wine101.TV Show # 45 What Is A Vintage, Tranche, Non Vintage And Does Wine Talk...?...

www.Wine101.TV Show # 44 GNARLY HEAD ZIN OLD VINES LODI 2006 QPR $8.50... 88 points... Great Book The Wine Bible by Karen McNeil


www.Wine101.TV Show # 42 Odd Ball Wines ???

www.Wine101.TV Show # 41
Champagne Myths, Truths, Safety, Sparkling Wine, OCW third edition, Krug 1988 !!!

www.Wine101.TV Show # 40 The Right Wine Crackers OTC, Why Is My Wine Fizzy ???

www.Wine101.TV Show # 39 Under Standing Wine Sediment...New Must Have Books...Where To Find Great Tasting Notes.

www.Wine101.TV Show # 38
Diana Krall - The Look of Love
Enjoy the holidays and feel the love...click on the above !!!

www.Wine101.TV Show # 37 What wine for the holidays? Another Great Book !!!

www.Wine101.TV Show # 36 Talk Dry Drink Sweet...Residual Sugar What Is It ?

www.Wine101.TV Show # 35 Harvest End 2007, Fruit Fly Traps, Talk Like a Critic, Critique a Critic, Go Learn Wine-Talk, Learn From MY Best Links Web Page.

www.Wine101.TV Show # 34 Wine Can Be Medicine !!! And Tannins Can Be Your Friend !!!

Wine as medicine ...bring it on...

Click On Me

Wines have always been known for health benefits, but the benefits are not without caution. Wine web tells us that going back to 450 BC, Hippocrates recommended specific wines to purge fever, disinfect and dress wounds, as diuretics, for nutritional supplement. A French doctor wrote the earliest known printed book about wine around 1410 AD.

www.Wine101.TV Show # 33 Part TWO: It' Harvest Time All Around The World 2007

www.Wine101.TV Show # 32 It' Harvest Time All Around The World 2007

www.Wine101.TV Show # 31 Why Is My Wine Dumb ?

www.Wine101.TV Show # 30 Andy Mckee - Guitar - Drifting - www.candyrat.com Have a glass of wine and enjoy !!!

click on the above or the below...

www.Wine101.TV Show # 29 How Long Does Wine Have To Stay In The Barrel ???

www.Wine101.TV Show # 28 The Wine Cork Trick

www.Wine101.TV Show # 27 Glendale Farms Organic Grape Juice

http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=810029 Show # 26 Did Your Sommelier Microwave Your Wine

www.Wine101.TV Show # 25 CLICK ON THE BELOW

Wine Glass Music

Show # 24 Mythbusters Part Two

WWW.Wine101.TV Show # 23 Mythbusters...so much bad information...where to go for good information...

http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=673844 Show # 22 Spain Rioja, Old Vines, Freezing Wine

www.Wine101.TV Show # 21 Who Needs Meritage when you can have Tri Dition...

www.Wine101.TV Show # 20 Wine Books : The 8,000 Year-Old Story of the Wine Trade by Thomas Pellechia

www.Wine101.TV Show 19 What Is Terroir ? I can help you understand !

www.Wine101.TV Show # 18 Drinking and being responsible

www.Wine101.TV Show # 17 WINE TRAIL MAPS

www.Wine101.TV Show # 16
WineLibraryTV is not our www.Wine101.tv Wine 101 has been around for many years over seas...

www.Wine101.TV Show # 15 How to make tasting notes.

www.Wine101.TV Show # 14 Baco Noir 18% Port and Baco's history.

www.Wine101.TV Show # 12 www.Wine101.TV Show # 12 Chateau LaFayette Reneau East Side Seneca Lake, Finger Lakes. Dry Riesling 2006. Estate produced and bottled.


www.Wine101.TV Show # 10 HOW TO MAKE A WINE BARREL

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www.Wine101.TV Show # 7 Bold Merlot what make you so Bold?
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www.Wine101.TV Show # 6 CABERNET SAUVIGON who are your parents and what do you taste like ?
Please click on the blue for show # 6

Please click on the blue for the show....enjoy!

www.Wine101.TV The fourth episode...Delaware where are you going?

Click on the above blue for the 4 th show !

www.Wine101.TVThe third episode...Catawba where are you going?

www.Wine101.TVThe Second episode...Cayuga White
# 2 click above

www.Wine101.TVThe first episode...what is Wine101.TV ?
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